Nuclear Climate Fix is a site designed to collect and share documents on the subject of Nuclear Energy with the intention to educate on the subject, in order to solve Global Climate Change.

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Unintended Consequences

216 pages

Energy Subsidies Conclusions Rudy Stefenel

3 pages

Diablo Canyon - A Lifesaver for California

2 pages

Why I Must Speak About Climate Change by James Hansen

Just Science by Robert Hargraves

1 page

Why Nuclear Power Must Be Part Of The Energy Mix Solution

6 pages

New York Could Lead The Way - Take Note Governor Cuomo

3 pages

Deathprints - Energy Sources by James Conca

2 pages

It's time to go nuclear in the fight against climate change

4 pages

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This not a fancy website. It has many articles and links from people who understand the deadly, growing world's pollution, climate-crisis and ocean acidification problems - and who tell you about the only solution that will really work. These people are DOING something about it, and they need all the help that they can get. Also, you will find studies that include the supporting math and references.

Worldwide, we must keep as many nuclear-reactors operating as we can and add more. We should be installing even safer and cheaper new generation nuclear-reactors, too. Some designs can even consume most of our stored nuclear-waste as fuel – and cannot melt down. We should also be converting our coal electric generating and natural gas electric generating plants to nuclear-plants.

Many well-meaning people mistakenly think that we can remedy climate-pollution-ocean-acidification-crisis problems with just renewable energy. As a result, billions of dollars have been invested in massive wind and solar-farms world-wide, largely via enormous subsidies – tax $$$. Unfortunately, these 'renewables' are making all these problems worse and causing us to delay a switch over to nuclear-reactors. (Fossil fuel technologies also get large subsidies in comparison to nuclear-reactors.)

The PDF titled: Energy Subsidies Conclusions is important. Because it is short, it is not the most conclusive, but it gives you good reasons to look at the other material here. It is a summary of information from others that I collected over the years. Then I suggest that you read: Diablo Canyon - A Lifesaver for California next because it well written, short and confirms how much nuclear-power helps the environment and why we can't make up for it with wind-farms and solar-farms.

I highly recommend the Environmental Progress website at EnvironmentalProgress.org. This is an excellent-source of information about how to reverse the growing trend of green-house gasses and pollution. The Founder-President is Michael Shellenberger. Get on his mailing list to get well-thought-out news-letters with significant facts. Michael led the grassroots environmental effort to keep nuclear-power plants running in Illinois and New York, which prevented an increase in emissions equivalent to adding 5.7 million cars, and he has done a lot more too.

Best-selling author George Erickson's pro-science book - Unintended Consequences the Lie the Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change - can be downloaded for free from TundraCub, from Unintended Consequences or from this site. For paper copies, see https://www.amazon.com/. It is for people who needlessly fear nuclear-power and - because of that fear - want inefficient, short-lived, environment damaging wind and solar-farms. This book also exposes opponents of nuclear-power and their often deceitful-tactics.

At some point, please visit the www.ThoriumEnergyAlliance.com website. The YouTube videos there are from lots of conferences and there are web links to organizations all over the world promoting basically the same philosophy for helping the environment.

Climate change, pollution and ocean acidification have already degraded our world. Unless we can cut them significantly, our earth will become increasingly hostile. As a first step, we must stop burning carbon whenever possible.

Please feel free to distribute copies of these files. (Please don't take any material out of context.)

Rudy Stefenel, Milpitas, CA, RudyStefenel@yahoo.com